Annabelle Teleki, E-RYT-500

annabelle-6-200Yogini, teacher, and founder of Satya Retreats has had several career paths in her life. Raised bilingually and biculturally (Northern California, Brazil and Mexico), she has traveled for much of her life. Annabelle speaks 3 languages fluently (English, Spanish & Portuguese), and her bicultural upbringing has enriched her understanding and respect for other cultures. Annabelle is part of a multi-generational family of yogis, dating back to the early 1960’s in Argentina, where her aunt and cousin began their studies and teaching careers in Iyengar and Kundalini Yoga.

Her passion for yoga is rooted in the belief that yoga heals through connection. Connection to self & others, to spirit, and essentially to every living, breathing being.

Annabelle found Hatha Yoga in 1997, while healing from a neck injury. Although she immediately experienced yoga’s physical benefits, Annabelle was deeply impacted by the concept and belief that yoga is connection.  Connecting all bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. “The practice of Yoga asks us to awaken, feel, and breathe. This practice invites us to observe rather than judge, and to listen. Yoga teaches us to breathe through discomfort,  and offers practical tools for self-regulation and impulse control, as we navigate our stressful environments.”

“As a practitioner, my practice is always changing and evolving, often influenced by energy and the practice of listening to what I need in the moment, based on what is going on in the world around me.

A daily home practice can be many things… from sitting to chanting to conscious breathing, to moving our bodies through asana… to prayer and ritual ~ always bringing awareness,  which informs how we live and breathe in the world, and how we relate to other beings. I believe that we cannot only practice yoga in class/studio setting or in the privacy and comfort of our own homes, I believe that it is our responsibility as practitioners to live our yoga through action. Yoga offers us a guide to living through the principals of the Yamas and Niyamas. Its a daily practice of being accountable in the world. Of practicing patience and tolerance, compassion and kindness ~ first with ourselves.

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Passions & Devotions

satya2014-5a“My passions are many…nature, yoga, activism, travel, animals, veganism, the ocean, retreats, cultural immersions, family, service, all of which offer deep connection to spirit, people and all beings… I feel very blessed ~ I’ve experienced a very rich and colorful life this far, which includes a diverse combination of work/life experiences.”

Annabelle also brings 30+ years of experience within the hospitality industry to the table ~ she has worked in Event Planning, Hotel Management, Travel Consulting and Tour directing to name a few. In addition to this, Annabelle has worked as a Spanish Teacher and a Social Worker, serving diverse communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She weaves the yogic principles of balance, groundedness and truth (Satya) into her teaching as well as into her retreat management work.  Currently, Annabelle primarily teaches in hospitals, treatments centers, schools and prisons around the SF Bay Area. She also offers both private and online classes, as well as occasional public workshops and corporate classes, and leads annual Yoga Retreats worldwide.